Overall, the #LetsBeClearInnovationChallenge is a crucial step towards achieving the Kenya Plastics Pact Roadmap, which ensures 100% of plastic packaging is reusable and recyclable and 40% is effectively recycled by 2030. Currently, plastic recycling rates in the country are reported to be at a rate of about 10%.

It also forms an important platform where plastic producers begin to build their capacity to fully comply with the mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements stipulated in the Sustainable Waste Management Act of 2022.

This initiative reflects the industry’s proactive stance toward addressing environmental challenges and aligns with Kenya’s commitment to sustainable development goals. WWF-Kenya and the Kenya Plastics Pact are optimistic that this collaborative effort will serve as a model for other industries and encourage a broader shift towards environmentally responsible practices in the plastics value chain.

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