Kenya Plastics Pact (KPP) is a voluntary initiative bringing together stakeholders to create a circular economy for plastic packaging. It is run by Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya (Secretariat), the Knowledge Center under KEPSA.

In implementing the #KPPDesignGuidelines for Recyclability for PET bottles and HDPE bottles and Jars, KPP partnered with WWF-Kenya to create the #LetsBeClearChallenge, an innovation that encourages plastic packaging producers to innovate around their design to promote circularity.

Today, we held the first technical working group with innovators from plastic producers: CCBA Kenya under Coca-Cola Beverages Africa, Bidco Africa Ltd., Line Plast Group Limited, Brookside Dairy, Bio Food Products, Tech Pak, Silafrica and other value chain stakeholders like Taka Taka Solutions, Vintz Plastics, among others to scale willingness and commitment towards the #KPPDesignGuidelines.

The #LetsBeClearChallenge will help businesses reduce their environmental impact and provide a platform to showcase their commitment to sustainability. Overall, it’ll help achieve the #KPPRoadmapto2030, ensuring 100% of plastic packaging is reusable and recyclable.

The second day of the working group continues tomorrow, after which the challenge will enter the second phase of engaging the marketing and branding teams, to create consumer-focused communication messages in line with the newly adopted designs. The challenge focuses on three areas:

I: Designing out colored PET bottles and promoting clear PET bottles.

II: Designing out problematic additives in the HDPE Plastic packaging.

III. Capacity building to encourage plastic producers to innovate around their designs.

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