The ongoing negotiations on a Global Plastics Treaty aim to create regulatory conditions that will help governments, industries, and commu nities worldwide to reduce pollution across the whole life-cycle of plastic materials and products and to support the transition to a circular economy.

The Treaty also provides a unique opportunity to help harmonize the currently fragmented policy efforts on plastic pollution globally and to create a level playing field for business based on the learnings from voluntary industry commitments to date.

Now that a “zero draft” for the legal text of the Treaty is under development, we must ensure that the global rules and effective policy measures to be implemented by national governments under the treaty will drive change on a global scale.

Following the second session of the International Negotiating Committee in Paris in May (INC-2), our Strategic Partner, WRAP, through the WRAP 3C Network, is planning an extra-ordinary webinar for the 11th of July to provide an update on the progress made to date, and highlight opportunities to engage with the process.

In particular, the work of the Business Coalition for a Global Plastics Treaty https://www.businessforplasticstreaty.org/ will be presented, convened by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and WWF, that brings together businesses and financial institutions from across the world committed to supporting the development of an ambitious, effective and legally binding UN treaty to end plastic pollution.

You can now register for Session A (10:00 BST) and Session B (16:30 BST) through the Eventbrite pages.

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