In partnership with WWF Kenya, today we hosted businesses participating in our #LETSBECLEAR Innovation Challenge for a full-day interactive workshop, where we’re pushing for the designing of more recyclable PET and HDPE bottles and jars.

We had in-depth discussions with the Marketing representatives, to actively explore how they can best present their products in revamped, more environmentally friendly packaging, while maintaining quality.

The workshop also empowered and equipped the participants to drive change with innovative strategies to promote eco-friendly campaigns.

Behavior change and consumer psychology are critical in creating successful sustainability campaigns. John Muniu, an Advertising Consultant at Designhub, helped Marketers understand how to influence behavior towards more sustainable options.

Confrey Alianji, the Innovation/Strategy Lead at WWF Kenya conducted a sustainability-themed simulation to help participants better understand the marketing challenges, and how to create sustainable solutions.

Using the power of visual communication to connect with eco-conscious consumers, the marketers participating in the #LETSBECLEAR Innovation Challenge engaged in fun group activies to help them craft compelling sustainability messeges for their brands and products.

The next workshop will involve the C-Suite, as the technical and marketing teams collectively seek buy-in from their respective members of management, to fully implement their innovative ideas to go clear.

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