1.0 About the Kenya Plastics Pact (KPP)
The Kenya Plastics Pact (KPP) is a neutral platform of industry-led innovation to rethink how we design,
use and reuse plastics, and implement locally tailored solutions towards a circular economy for plastics
in Kenya. The KPP brings together key stakeholders in the plastics value chain – businesses,
governments, and NGOs – behind a common vision of addressing today’s plastic waste and pollution
issues. The overarching objective of the KPP will be to support government and industry to deliver a
circular economy for plastics, ensuring the implementation of solutions relevant to the Kenyan
context. The following goals are identified for The Kenya Plastics Pact so as to achieve the stated vision
and overarching objective :

  • To create a platform to convene stakeholders in the plastics value chain, to support cross-
    sector collaboration and achieve improved environmental and societal outcomes;
  • To stimulate a circular plastics economy in Kenya and;
  • To unlock socio-economic opportunities in the plastic waste sector.

2.0 Sustainable Inclusive Business (SIB-K)
Sustainable Inclusive Business Kenya (SIB-K) is a knowledge Center established under the Kenya
Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) which is the apex body of the private sector in Kenya. SIB-K aims to
drive and catalyze change through inspiration, initiative, facilitation, and connection. SIB-K, therefore, support businesses to adopt sustainable business practices by finding a balance between the People,Planet, and Profits. The development of KPP is led by SIB-K, with support of UK-based global environmental NGO WRAP, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Plastics Pact Network.

Key responsibilities
KPP seeks to engage a technical lead who will be part of the team. The technical lead will report to the
program manager while executing the following duties :

  1. Provide technical leadership and support on the strategy, design, and execution of the Kenya
    Plastics Pact.
  2. Maintain and develop KPP expertise and capabilities by building personal expertise and
    developing that of others.
  3. Improve KPP knowledge on key sector and technology developments and cascade to
    colleagues within KPP.
  4. Develop and maintain high level relationships with relevant senior stakeholders including with
    industry, government, professional institutions, and trade associations.
  5. Act as an ambassador for KPP – explain and advocate for KPP with external audiences and
    build support.
  6. Contribute to the preparation and development of KPP roadmap and working groups.
  7. Facilitate collaborative working by businesses and other sector stakeholders towards
    collective targets, including through working groups and 1-2-1 engagement.
  8. Contribute with suitable technical input for the communications team to use in awareness
    creation and engagement. Support KPP and external organized conferences, seminars, reports
    and other publications as appropriate.
  9. Provide technical assistance, through own knowledge and knowledge gained from member
    consultation, to write well informed funding proposals.
  10. Collate and evaluate members’ input to produce recommendations from the private sector on policies, laws and regulations.

3.0 Work Area
Nairobi, Kenya.

4.0 Posting Period
One-year contract with the possibility of extension.

5.0 Qualifications and Competencies:
Applicants must at the time of application meet the following requirements:

  • Significant knowledge in plastics packaging supply chain, developed through combination of
    education (i.e. degree) and relevant industry/sector work experience or significant experience
    in sector developed through working at industry and/or consultancy perspective.
  • Demonstrate specialist technical knowledge of key environmental issues associated with
    plastics packaging for example: design for recycling and reuse, collections and recycling
    systems, and policy/regulation.
  • Strong advocacy skills, with the ability to engage effectively, concisely and compellingly with
    a range of audiences, both in writing and in person.
  • A proven ability to understand, absorb and synthesise complex information, translating it into
    impactful policy, advice, and initiatives, whilst able to see the bigger picture and link to overall
    strategic aims.
  • Demonstrable evidence of securing and implementing change.
  • Demonstrable evidence of excellent communication skills, including experience of explaining
    complex and technical challenges to a non-technical audience.
  • Excellent project management experience.
  • Ability to work individually, as well as functioning within a dynamic and ambitious team,
    including working alongside technical experts in each field.
  • Evidence of building effective relationships within necessary industry representatives, at all
    levels, to develop initiatives on adopting new best practice.
  • Evidence of developing and leading best practice initiatives to achieve results.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including evidence of presenting and report
    writing for external and internal audiences at a senior level.

6.0 Supervision
The technical lead will report to the Program Manager and will work closely with the KKP’s secretariat.

7.0 Submission and Assessment
If you are interested and meet the above criteria, please submit your application to
communication@kpp.or.ke by April 20th, 2022